Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fashion Bananas

Fashion Bananas By Delmy Rivera

What are your signature pieces/ traits? I think blazers or cardigans. Always have one on.

What does your current wishlist consist of? tons of shoes and sunglasses!

Fashion inspirations? I have a new inspiration almost every week. But I'd say Chloe Sevigny and Ashley Olsen.

Favorite online shops?,

Favorite local shops? Topshop and Cheap Jacks

How long have you been blogging? A year and 6 months.

How do you think you became so popular and recognized in the fashion blogging world? It just happened. Don't know how I did it, but Its all because of my lovely readers!

How do your friends and family support your blogging? They're totally cool about it. They love it!

How long have you been interested in fashion? How did your interest develop? I'd say since the age of 9. All happened by reading my moms Spanish fashion magazines.

Where did you pick up your style? I've just been myself.

Has blogging affected your career? Has it lead you in a new direction in life? I am more excited for fashion. Its an opportunity that has allowed me to share my love for fashion.

Best advice to fashion lovers, bloggers and non bloggers? Don't change for anyone. Being yourself will take you places.

Personal benefits to blogging (can be immaterial or material). I just get the satisfaction of sharing my passion and reading my comments.

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