Monday, July 20, 2009

Snake Jewelry

The oh-so popular serpentine adornments we see all the celebrities is one of those trends that is constantly "in." Like metallics, animal print, and large totes. I am tired of reading articles that say things like "Metallics were spotted all over the runway this season. They are making a comeback." They do every season but that doesn't mean they deserve to. However, with snake jewelry I am so happy they are constantly on the "it list." There is something so feminine, strong, and sensual about donning a snake cuff. My icons for this look are the obvious: Cleopatra, Olympias (Alexander's Mother), and Medusa.

In order of appearance:, Elizabeth and James, Nathan and Moe, Adina Reyter, Elizabeth and James, Alkemie, Elizabeth and James, Uzca.