Friday, April 16, 2010

Rackk and Ruin

Molly from Rackk and Ruin

What are your signature pieces/ traits? I definitely opt for comfort when i dress and there are some basic pieces i always find myself drawn to. . . A great white t-shirt (preferably from a cheap place like Charlotte Russe and not A.Wang. . . pit stains anyone? Not worth spending $100 on something that is inevitably going to get ruined). I got this amazing vintage Levis jacket this winter for $5 at a creepy thrift store while antiquing with my mom and sister. i think it might be for a young boy because the sleeves are cropped and it has snaps not buttons. The wash is insane and the fit is perfect. My black leather jacket is another piece i wear constantly (I'm a huge hoarder of jackets. . . and boots). You'll find me trudging around town in a pair of leather boots, not high-heels, most every day.

What does your current wishlist consist of? I would love to own a Rick Owens' classic biker jacket . . . but i absolutely refuse to spend that kind of cash. The banana peel Aurel Schmidt tee for Opening Ceremony. Everything from the JCrew Fall 2010 Collection!! Jeffrey Campbell Brit boot. and definitely a PS1 bag. . .

Whose wardrobe would you steal? Definitely Daria Werbowy's . . . no doubt. Hers or Lou Doillon's.

Fashion inspirations? Other blogs, streetstyle websites, even just finding one amazing vintage piece and deciding what to wear with it.

Favorite online shops? Ebay (the hunt is addictive!), Etsy, O.A.K.

Favorite local shops? The Possibility Shop (best, and cheapest, church thrift store ever)! Pretty much every second hand store within a ten mile radius.

What made you decide to start blogging? Once i discovered that there was such a thing as a "fashion/style blog" I became addicted to finding ones that shared my aesthetic . . . Once my obsession for other people's blogs became too much I decided it was high time for me to start my own. I also knew i wanted to incorporate my love of art into my posts. It's still fun for me to look back into my archives and see what i was interested in a year ago.

Has blogging affected your career? Has it lead you in a new direction in life? Blogging has been a great supplement to my jewelry line, Rackk and Ruin, because many of my readers share my aesthetics, and therefore are drawn to my jewelry. It has enabled me to make tons of great connections and meet loads of like-minded people. Being exposed to so many creative dressers has also really inspired me to dress the way i want to. I live in a small city so there are definitely things i'm still not confident enough to leave the house wearing . . . but that doesn't mean they aren't hanging on my rack for my trips to NYC!

Best advice to fashion lovers, bloggers and non bloggers? Just do it. . . create your "first post". . . wear that crazy cat-suit to the corner store. Don't worry so much about what others might think. You are doing this for yourself more than anyone else.

Personal benefits to blogging (can be immaterial or material). Having a recorded visual history of what i was inspired by over the past year!

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