Sunday, March 7, 2010

Taylor Jacobson Sideways Cross Necklace

So many people have been going crazy about Taylor Jacobson's sideways cross necklace and I am with them. Taylor Jacobson got hers from Rosark. While you will not find the necklace online, you can call them at 323-822-3600 and they will work with you to place the order. Above are some cool alternatives from Alex and Chloe and Chrishabana.

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  1. I bought two sideways cross necklaces from this shop.
    One is the exact size Taylor wears but is 14kt gold filled so really affordable. The other is the size Kelly Ripa wore the other morning. The designer is so nice and custom made one for me and didn't charge me extra to make it a little different. Her quality is great and I will probably buy the other ones she has as well. I get so many compliments!!!