Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Isabelle from CIRCA.MEOW!

What are your signature pieces/ traits?

I would have to say that my black bowler hat and Chanel J12 watch are my signature pieces. I don't think I've gone a day since I was 18 without wearing that watch (I'm 22!).

What does your current wishlist consist of?

Gosh, where do I start?! I lust for the Alexander Wang cat eye sunglasses, but what girls doesn't? I'm also saving up to buy the large Proenza Schouler PS1 bag. But those are the splurges. I'm planning on getting my paws on the Opening Ceremony X Doc Martens collab and a Comme De Garcons wallet.

Whose wardrobe would you steal besides the magical one in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"?

I've actually never seen that movie, or read the book. But I'll go with anything the witch wears.

Fashion inspirations?

I love the "it" girls like Becka Diamond and Atlanta De Cadenet. It's amazing to see people walking the streets head to toe designer, with messy hair, and dirty shoes. Nobody would ever know that their grungy tshirt is actually a Proenza tie dye shirt that costs $350. I adore the lovlies who look like five bucks, but their outfit it worth a million.

Favorite online shops?

Nastygal, Oak, & Ebay.

Favorite local shops?

Opening Ceremony, LF, Saks, and Barney's takes all my money. I'm still searching for a really good thrift shop.

How long have you been blogging?

I think it's only been one or two years. It's off and on. I always jump around blogs too. I have different ones for different moods or stages of my life. It's weird.

What made you decide to start blogging?

I've always been a fan of reading them. So one day I was bored, and decided to start one! My first one was totally emo because I had just broken up with a boyfriend and it was like a paper saving diary!

How do you think you became so loved in the fashion blogging world?

Like I said before, I'm a big fan of street style and the fashion blogging world is an encyclopedia of street style. Also, I'm from Arizona and I felt like a lot of people there just didn't develop an interest in fashion as much as I did. It was a good outlet while I was in school, it kept me sane!

How do your friends and family support your blogging?

My sister loves it. She's very into art and fashion, and she has a blog as well, so we're always supportive of each other. My friends dig because they can see what I wear everyday.

How long have you been interested in fashion? How did your interest develop?

I've been interested in fashion for as long as I could remember. With that being said, I don't really know how it developed. My mother used to make our Halloween costumes and we would go to the fabric store and sit at the tables with all of the different patterns. We would be there all day. The patterns and fabrics were probably what sparked an unconscious passion for fashion. By middle school it was clear by the piles upon piles of teen vogues in my closet.

Has blogging affected your career? Has it lead you in a new direction in life?

Blogging has not affected my career. I actually work in the fashion industry too, and I don't think they know that I blog. So shhhh :) New direction in life, definitely. I think everyone should have one, it might not have to be public, but have one. I think if you're really put yourself on your blog, nothing fake, you begin to develop a sense of who you really are and who you want to be. And I guess in that sense. . . it has affected my career. But that's just me.

Best advice to fashion lovers, bloggers and non bloggers?

Don't be afraid. I hear SO many people saying "I wish I could pull that off. . blah blah blah". That's what this is all about! Just wear self confidence with it, and you'll be okay. Two weeks ago, I walked around NYC with lace bunny ears on, just because I wanted to. Other people aren't dressing for you, why should you dress for them?

Personal benefits to blogging (can be immaterial or material).

To me it's like an inspiration board or diary. I like looking back and seeing how ridiculous I was and how much my styles differ.

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