Wednesday, May 19, 2010


 A great interview with Melinda from SHOP T.O. LIVE. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, please do!

What are your signature pieces/ traits? I don't really have 'signature' pieces, but I do have some items I wear to death:

1. thick black Wolford tights - best most durable tights ..ever

2. knee high black wedge boots - so versatile and comfortable

3. my grandfather's cardigan - makes everything look a little more effortless (and it's sentimental)

3. a black leather Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo shaped messenger bag - literally the most used thing in my whole closet

4. a small silver Tiffany necklace - it's a non-accessory, I just feel naked without it.

What does your current wishlist consist of? This changes daily and is very random. But today I'm looking for a white vintage slip dress, flower shaped rings and bracelets, an oversized tote bag, some inner as outerwear inspired tops, super high super comfortable shoes (always!) and a vintage faux leopard furred coat. But in general, I just like to browse a lot, and buy whatever I'm drawn too.

Whose wardrobe would you steal besides the magical one in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"? No one person in particular. I would just love to take bits and pieces of everyone's - from celebrities to friends.

Fashion inspirations? All of my inspiration comes from people and shopping. I find it hard to look at art or nature and make an outfit based on just colours and textures etc. It's just too abstract for me. I like to be drawn to certain pieces and styles, and then I just modify them to fit my personality.

Favorite online shops? Vintage stores on eBay such as American Archive, MakiMaki Vintage, Sleepy Head Vintage and Thriftwares

Favorite local shops? I like to shop everywhere. In Toronto, shopping is divided into neighbourhoods. My favorite areas are the Eaton Centre, Bloor St, Queen W, Ossington and Kensington Market.

How long have you been blogging? Just over 6 months.

What made you decide to start blogging? When I first started my career, I was very lost style-wise. I wasn't sure how much I should let being 'professional' affect my personal style. I started the blog as a diary to record that style and document my transition from being a student to a working professional. It also became a fun way to gossip with my girlfriends about clothes and shopping and stuff.

How do you think you became so loved in the fashion blogging world? I am definitely not as popular as many of the other bloggers you've featured and are out there. But I think my readers like my blog because I'm such a normal person I'm not an artist or have an innate insight into fashion or style or people. I shop at the mall and put together outfits based on what I see and how I feel. And because I shop a lot, most of what I wear is current, so readers can actually go out and get the same pieces or find the same sale I'm talking about.

How do your friends and family support your blogging? My family and friends are supportive of my blog. They always encourage me to express myself in a way I think is appropriate, and many of them check the blog weekly.

How long have you been interested in fashion? How did your interest develop?

I am not a fashion person - I respect the fashion industry way too much to claim that I am. I appreciate that the runway and designers are the original source of inspiration for most style, but that's not where my interests are. I just love shopping and clothes and dressing up. That 'love' has been always.

Where did you pick up your style? I am like most people - I look at magazines and blogs and media to get inspired. I also get tons of ideas from strangers on the streets - street style is the most inspirational, and also accessible.

Has blogging affected your career? Has it lead you in a new direction in life? No. I'm older than most bloggers, so I already have a very set career. I don't really 'want' anything like that from blogging. I actually only blog because I think it is a fun and interesting way to communicate with people. But I would like my blog to be more accessible to people that would like it - it does kind of get lost in the sea of blogs out there.

Best advice to fashion lovers, bloggers and non bloggers? Stay true to yourself and to what you want from your blog - don't get caught up in popularity or sponsorships (unless you intend for your blog to be a business - which is ok too).

Personal benefits to blogging. There are always benefits when a person decides to open themselves up (even if it's to criticism). It is very difficult, at least for me, to put myself out there in such a public way, but I think it's important to be able to express yourself in a way you think is appropriate and not care what other people think.


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