Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prism Glasses


I neglected to post on those glasses I bought with my gift certificate at Opening Ceremony. They came in quite a while ago and they are even more beautiful in person. It is amazing craftsmanship. Unfortunately, I only have my iPhone for a camera right now so the pictures don't do them justice. The color is dark tortoise. One temple has the silver triangle and inside the other Prism is sketched in. They came in the cardboard box and inside that was a cool surprise. The case is like a clear plastic or lucite geometric shape. Then inside that, there was a microfiber bag with the glasses inside. They also gave a microfiber pouch that could fit the entire case inside, or just the glasses. Right now they just have the plastic lenses that came with them until I get my prescriptions put in.

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  1. Hi! congrats on getting the Prism frames! I'm planning on purchasing a pair of New York but can't decide on the dark tortoise or cream tortoise! What do you think? Did you get the New York and do they feel comfortable on?