Wednesday, September 14, 2011

As I am sure everyone is aware school has started, at least for most of us, and so far I have been having a great start. Busy, but great. I have my first apartment this year, which I am loving. I am lucky enough to have a mom who was an interior designer for many years because, for the most part, I neither care about nor understand arranging a living space. I just know what kind of things I want to be surrounded by or what environment I want. I have to say it is looking amazing so far but it isn't quite finished just yet. I've also been pretty busy in a number of new extracuriculars (maybe even too many...) that I am really enjoying and I have added some things to my degree that I am very happy about. It also seems like I might be losing weight and trimming up from running around all the time which is fine by me! I have been making a big effort to propel myself in and out of school. Using my time productively, getting involved, being organized, finding new interests, and most importantly learning have been my priorities. Point being, its been a busy time with a lot of positive changes and I haven't been caring about posting random pictures I like recently, which is no great loss to the blog's readers (if there are any...) I'm sure. I was going to do some posts about movies or something random but I was too lazy...
I think it would be interesting to post pictures of people or things that I find interesting or striking from my own sphere as opposed to editorials and whatnot but I don't have a camera (I don't even have a camera phone due to the fact that I recently broke my iPhone, so maybe that is not one of the positive changes happening currently) and I am creatively challenged so they would probably be uninspiring anyway, but who knows. OOOO! And I totally know who/what I am going to be for Halloween.

If you didn't read this post or if you don't want to here are some pictures of the most gorgeous man and talented actor that ever lived.

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