Saturday, June 5, 2010

Natalie's fashion workshop.

I am super excited about this interview from Natalie of Natalie's fashion workshop! She is by far one of the coolest bloggers and so down to Earth. If you haven't checked her out please do! You can also see her lookbook here.

What are your signature pieces/ traits?
One thing you will always find on me is black. I keep on trying to leave this colour behind me little by little, but it will always be in my closet.

What does your current wishlist consist of?
Actually, I checked my 2010 wishlist recently and most of the pieces have already been bought. Still to be bought: a denim shirt, jumper and cowboy boots. The rest is here and here.

Whose wardrobe would you steal besides the magical one in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"?
If such wardrobe existed I would steel Kristen Stewart's clothes used in every photoshoot she's been a part of. The stylists create such splendid look of K.!

Fashion inspirations?
Fashion TV, magazines, movies,, blogs, music...

Favorite online shops?,,,,,,

Favorite local shops?
Most of the time, I shop at ZARA, H&M, MANGO, TOPSHOP.

How long have you been blogging?
Since december 2009.

What made you decide to start blogging?
I have always loved fashion and clothes, but never got the guts to buy and wear what I really wanted. This blog was supposed to motivate me to be honest with myself and to have an audience that would appreciate what I create here... and it worked :)

How do your friends and family support your blogging?
I'd rather share it with strangers than with my friends. But my fiancée helps me with pictures, and my dear friends Olga and Marcel support me and sometimes comment my outfits in person.

How long have you been interested in fashion? How did your interest develop?
It's been inside me since I can remeber. My parents used to design simple clothes and I had learned how to sew. Then I started to draw clothing projects, dreaming about being a famous designer. Then it all subsided and since I'm a photographer fashion is close to me all the time.

Where did you pick up your style?
I guess all that I've seen has affected me. All movies, people seen on the street, magazines that I read. I always loved punk and rock music, yet I have always felt like a woman and dreamt of being chic. I All of that have mingled and came out as my personal style.

Has blogging affected your career? Has it lead you in a new direction in life?
Career is still ahead of me, but I have decided to study fashion design. It's a big decision, when you are already sure that you want to be a photographer only. Now I also know that I can't only be 'one person' and need to fulfill all my dreams.

Best advice to fashion lovers, bloggers and non bloggers?
Fashion lovers! Be honest with yourself. Being fashionable when you don't really know what you're doing is lame and never comes out well. If you don't like skirts or light colors - don't wear them or you'll only feel uncomfortable!

And to bloggers - don't let yourself get lost in fame. Bloggers start to be very proud and vain, don't reply to any emails or comments... such behaviour is very upsetting.

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